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I’m more than a list of bullet points, so step inside to see what I can do for you, your employees and your company.


Just contact me! My initial consultation is free so go ahead and give me a shout.

Dixie Comeau
631 495-2749

dixie at dixiecomeau.com

Organizations are constantly changing; they grow, shrink, update technology, outsource and change locations. Though change occurs naturally, sometimes leaders need help to get the results they really want.

If you are ready to start the dialogue with employees about change, I can help.

We’ll start by defining your intention – what new result do you need? Then we’ll identify what may need to change – roles, processes, structure, and so on.

Together, we’ll create your plan, using effective communication and change strategies and techniques. As you implement it, I’ll provide coaching and guidance along the way.

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